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With a 400% increase in mobile searches in the last year, consumers are increasingly relying on their phones to access information – especially local information! By 2013, more people will use their mobile phones than PCs to get online!

  • 1 in 3 mobile searches are local searches
  • 79% of large online advertisers do not have a mobile-optimized website
  • Even more small businesses do not have a plan for mobile search.
  • What is the difference in a mobile website and standard website? The difference has everything to do with user experience and ease of use. Mobile users love the ease of a mobile site to click-to-call or to get directions quickly. This i
  • why a mobile site is designed for basic information with large, easy-to-read fonts and easy-to-follow navigation.

LikesLocal is supporting the drive to mobile by providing local businesses with a FREE Mobile website. LikesLocal specializes in teaching online marketing strategies to businesses nationwide in order to reach a more targeted audience and to stay current on the latest in consumer habits. As a Google AdWords Certified Partner, we have the experience to set small businesses apart in an increasingly crowded online world.

Don’t be a needle in the haystack. Make your business stand out! Get your FREE mobile website today!

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